Jazz Remix MP3

Associations are often made between contemporary electronic music and jazz. There are various reasons for the comparison, among them jazz’s emphasis on improvisation, its embrace of error and chance, and its status as the closest thing post-war pop culture ever came to accepting vocal-less music. Pino the Frog (aka Patrick Valiquet) taps into all those elements on rndm.i(d)nit, a set of abstract ruminations on a sample of a tune by jazz piano legend Thelonious Monk. There are six tracks in all, available, along with an album cover image, for free from the Please Do Something online label (site here, Pino album here). The collection, approximately 17 minutes in length, was uploaded to the Please Do Something site on December 19 of last year.

Pino is quoted on as having said, “I’ve always been inspired by the expressiveness and lucidity of Monk’s sense of time and gesture: these are very humble attempts at accessing that.” At times, as with much concept-based music, one must take rndm.i(d)nit‘s stated modus operandi as an article of faith, so distorted is the sound that comprises tracks such as “Mondsk,” with its dim stutter and ring tone of a palette, and “Signaltest,” which sounds like a minute and a half of fits and starts broadcast over a CB. However on “Drism,” which closes the collection, the tone of a piano is fairly evident, a soft mallet-like pummel amid the static.

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