A place on for brief notes and quick links has been coming for a while now. Pretty much any downtime in updates to this site can be traced to after-hours stints spent fiddling in HTML and dry-running various scripts, potential blog tools and content-management systems. In the meanwhile, too many live concert attendances go unreferenced, too many interesting webpages and posts go unlinked to, too much offline reading gets un-cited, and too many general, even if inevitably tangential, observations don’t receive a mention. The site’s Downstream section ( already recommends free, musician-condoned downloadable music, but there are plenty of streaming broadcasts that deserve to be noted, even in passing, and a quick-links section would satisfy that requirement. Oh, as of this writing, the site’s search routine has been upgraded. A place to mention such backend maintenance would be beneficial as well. Disquiet’s been running since late 1996, and it has long lacked a spot for such material. So, now it has one, “field notes.” OK, enough with the backstory. On with the short stuff. …

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