Tangents (Plunderphonics, bulbs, Rothko)

Good Reads: John Oswald (of Plunderphonics fame), Douglas Kahn (author of Noise, Water, Meat) and poet Kenneth Goldsmith in an online discussion about “The Politics of Sound / The Culture of Exchange,” introduced and moderated by Lina Dzuverovic, courtesy of the Tate (link). Says Oswald at one point, “I only use the term ‘collaboration’ in situations where there is equal responsibility and authorship.” … Monolake (aka Robert Henke) talked about his Max/MSP project for an array of large lightbulbs in the interview he did with Disquiet.com (“The Organization Musician”), and now there’s more information about it (including pictures) in the “other projects” section of his website, monolake.de. … New Release: Due out this Tuesday, April 26, is Drums of Death (Thirsty Ear) by DJ Spooky and Dave Lombardo (the longtime drummer in death metal act Slayer), with guests Chuck D and Vernon Reid, and co-production work by Meat Beat Manifesto‘s Jack Dangers. Other guests include guitarist Gerry Nestler, who plays with Lombardo in Philm, and vocalist Dalek. Samples of three tracks are up at thirstyear.com and of five tracks at Meat Beat’s site (link). … More new-release news at brainwashed.com/releases. … Trent Spotting: In another example of remixing as a promotion by a major recording artist, Trent Reznor has turned “The Hand That Feeds,” the first single off his new Nine Inch Nails album, With Teeth, into a track that can be read and edited in Apple’s GarageBand software. Get all 70 megabytes of it free at the Nine Inch Nails website, nin.com (direct link). With Teeth hits stores on May 3. … Upcoming Stream: Rothko, the slocore act, has teamed with Roger Eno; they’ll discuss the project on the BBC Radio 3 show Mixing It this coming Friday, April 29 (link).

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