Winning Remix MP3s

In the November issue of Wired magazine last year, a CD was tucked under the cover. At first glance, one might have mistaken its reflective surface for a graphic designer’s attempt to add some metallic bling to the cover subjects: hip-hop outfit the Beastie Boys, whose early albums helped cement sampling in the imagination of the mainstream, back in the day when lifting a Led Zeppelin drum beat wasn’t heavily regulated. But it was a full-length CD, with tracks licensed under the Creative Commons, by the Beastie Boys, as well as Dangermouse, Matmos, David Byrne and others. The project didn’t end there. The website provided a community space for folks to sample the collection and upload the results of their fiddling. That contest has ended, the winners have been announced, and they’ll appear on a followup CD, The Wired CD — Ripped. Mixed. Sampled. Mashed. Of course, they’re already available for download, for free. The music ranges through genres, from noodly funk fusion to homebrew hip-hop to generic electro-pop, and there’s some abstract goodness in there, too. Highlights include SSLID‘s “dislocation” (at five and a half minutes, the longest track in the set), a pulsing metronomic delight, and Pat Chilla the Beat Gorilla‘s dubby “Wadidyusay (Beatgorilla’s 28 grams REMIX).” Coming soon from ccmixter: an ODB remix contest.

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