Tangents (Tijuana, guitar, Dormouse)

Sound Award: The 11th annual Alpert Awards fellowships have been announced (that’s Alpert as in Herb Alpert, of Tijuana Brass fame), and among the five winners is Santa Fe, New Mexico-based sound artist David Dunn. More info at alpertawards.org and artscilab.org/~david. .

.. Guitar Talk: Backbeat Books will publish Sonic Pioneers this fall. The book will feature the guitar setups and techniques of various musicians, explained one of its subjects, Christopher Willits, in a note to his email list this past week. Also included: Adrian Belew, Glenn Branca, Robert Fripp, Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins) and David Torn, not to mention Link Wray and Jimi Hendrix.

New Releases: Out this week is industrial act Kill Memory Crash‘s American Automatic on the Ghostly International label. … Keith Fullerton Whitman‘s Multiples (Kranky), about which he wrote to his email list today, “[O]f the records i’ve released over the past ten odd years this album comes the closest to encapsulating the sounds i hear in my head.” … Also on Kranky, Nudge‘s Cahced. … Jamie Lidell‘s three-track 12″ When I Come Back Around (Warp), in advance of a June full-length. … More new-release info at brainwashed.com/releases.

Quick Links: Useful entries via the del.icio.us web service, a “social bookmarks manager”: ambient, idm, eno, field recording. … The e.discogs.com open-source discography of electronic music is rapidly approaching its 30,000th record label. Of course, this being a group effort, included are variants along the lines of Wax Trax, Wax Trax! Europe, Wax Trax! Records and Wax Trax! UK. … On May 21, the BBC Radio 3 show Hear and Now will present the first of three programs of music from this year’s Cut and Splice Festival (link).

Quote of the Week: “the notion that one person should control all of the functions of a computer and that the machine would in turn respond as an idea amplifier.” That’s the definition of “personal computing” set down in John Markoff‘s introduction to his new book, What the Dormouse Said: How the 60s Counterculture Shaped the Personal Computer Industry.

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