Two Eno Streams

Yes, the Downstream is about downloadable, not streaming-only, sound. But another question that gets answered “yes” is: “Are there two streaming interview programs featuring Brian Eno up on the BBC’s website?” Some questions are more important than others. And indeed, there are two such BBC programs (programmes?): the Mixing It show (link) and Any Questions? (link). Better yet, the Any Question? show presents a complete transcript on its website. Understand, though, that while Mixing It features a discussion about Eno’s new album, Another Day on Earth, the Any Questions? show is a discussion about terrorism, in light of the recent attacks in London. … Still want a download? Well, here’s a tangential one: frequent Eno collaborator Daniel Lanois has a new record out, Belladonna, and its record label, Anti, has posted a free song, the redolent rural ambience of “Agave” (MP3). It doesn’t deserve a full post, though, because it’s not a complete file; it cuts off a little more than halfway through, which is all the more absurd since the original is short to begin with, falling shy of two minutes in length.

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