Colin Andrew Sheffield MP3

Apologies for the two-day lull. I was away for a brief work-related trip. Speaking of lulls, a full track from Colin Andrew Sheffield‘s debut solo album, the enviro-ambient First Thus, is up at the Elevator Bath label’s website, The shortest of the set’s four tracks, “Come Closer” (MP3), at about four and a half minutes, rises like a ground fog, the mere suggestion of mist gaining density at an imperceptible and, yet, suddenly claustrophobia-inducing rate. Reportedly, the sounds on “Come Closer,” like all of those on First Thus, originated on pre-existing commercial recordings, but those recordings are so entirely misshapen and distended, so wrenched into formlessness, that an act of Congress under the most severe stricture of the Patriot Act likely couldn’t suss out their original source.

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