Atari-Powered Post-Dub MP3

The guys in the Seattle-based group Foscil name a single piece of equipment in their bio at Fourth City Records: the Atari ST, on which they reportedly did all the composition for their self-titled album, which came out yesterday. A full track, “Coelacanth,” is available for free download (MP3), and while the ancient fish of its title is even more old-school than Foscil’s retro Atari setup, the name does set the tone for a song that ekes dub out of timestamped boomchika beats, resuscitating them with life-enabling echo. But Foscil isn’t merely interested in the antiquated; it uses its Casio-flavored rhythmic foundation for something verging on post-rock chamber music, with horn harmonies locating a sweet spot between Herb Alpert romantic background soundtracks and Tortoise’s lo-fi chamber pop. More info at

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