Watery Cityscape MP3

John Kannenberg balances multiple roles as head of the netlabel Stasisfield, its archives accessible at stasisfield.com. He’s its founder, curator and designer, and he’s also a composer in his own right. As 2005 came to a close, Kannenberg posted one of his own works amid the steady stream of Stasisfield releases: “Chicago Aqua” (MP3), a quarter hour of field recordings threaded into a kind of aural photo album, all the snapshots concerned with aspects of water. “Public beaches, fountains and waterfalls” are among the sound sources, along with snippets of overheard dialogue. The piece was originally broadcast as part of the 2005 Outer Ear Festival of Sound. More info on Kannenberg at johnkannenberg.com, and on the Outer Ear Festival at expsoundstudio.org/outerear.

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