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You can’t get much more minimal than a song in which a slight twitch in the downbeat is as close as the piece comes to a hook. And that’s exactly how Mark Hamn chose to begin his phenomenal Function Buttons, on the Hungary-based netlabel Complementary Distribution ( Above a gaggle of light-industrial textures, his little eight-beat “Un autre chose” motif rings on each cycle with a guitar strum that’s ever so slightly off the meter, glitch as interpreted by strings. Even when distant orchestration subsumes what preceded it, the pace makes its steady way through your skull. The six-track set forges transient atmospheres out of many such steady paces, some stuttered into a confetti of broken syllables, as on “La duree d’une respiration,” others circulating with such finesse that they come to resemble the work of Philip Glass, as on “Groupe scenique” (well, once you get past the field recordings of forced overheard laughter and table-rattling moans at its opening). More on Hamn, aka Italian-born musician Francesco Giannico, at

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