It’s apparently New York week in the Disquiet Downsteam. Monday was Raz Mesinai’s computer-enabled chamber music (link), for which he draws upon some of downtown Manhattan’s most accomplished talent, including violinist Mark Feldman, guitarist Marc Ribot and cellist Jane Scarpantoni. Then came a nearly two-decade old recording of “Butch” Morris (link) in a trio that included a Ribot/Scarpantoni contemporary from the early days of the Knitting Factory, keyboardist Wayne Horvitz, and treaded into electric-Miles territory, suggesting a strong precursor to the atmospherics of illbient. And today it’s an actual illbient figure, DJ Olive (aka Gregor Asch), who has posted a third track off his new live set, Heaps As — Live in Tasmania (The Agriculture), following up the two that were Downstream entries back on March 22 (link). “At Least Some Knots Get Untangled” (MP3) is dub draped over a hi hat, a loungey affair with characteristic attention paid to individual beats and texture. And if you’re in the mood for an extended set, Olive spun the fifth and most recent in‘s podcast series (stream, MP3).

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