Frippertronic Soundscape MP3

Robert Fripp has been steadily releasing Internet-only commercial sets, sometimes sweetening the pot with a free download. The most recent, a solo soundscape titled “Coda at the End of Time” (MP3) recorded this past February live at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, is a six-minute expanse of gaseous effect, with a lead line that is fairly clearly delineated throughout, even when it threads well below the cloud cover. (More info at

Fripp is about to participate in a brief tour with a supergroup of sorts. Named Slow Music, it also features Peter Buck (guitar), Fred Chalenor (bass), Matt Chamberlain (drums, percussion), Bill Rieflin (“piano sounds,” synthesizer, percussion) and Hector Zazou (synthesizer, computer). Rieflin describes Slow Music as “long-form live improvisations working with ambient/textural/environmental ideas.” (More info at

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