Heartland Ambient MP3s

Mark Rushton has posted a half-hour live recording of him with bassist Jon Harnish. Between Rushton’s overdubbed intros and outros, he and Harnish, playing in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, perform two pieces: one a rush of rustling wind chimes and gauzy effects, the other a grungily processed drone with more telltale evidence of Harnish’s bass (MP3). This ‘cast was uploaded in mid-May. Back in March, Rushton posted a three-piece recording (MP3), the central entry of which employs loops from the Buddha Machine by the duo FM3 (read the Disquiet.com interview with FM3 here). He’s added a thumping heartbeat to the sampled sounds, and it’s a pleasure to hear that meditative source material in a new context. More on Rushton at markrushton.com.

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