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The seventh and, according to the publisher’s introduction, final edition of the print magazine e/i has been published, and it features my interview with laptop-enabled guitarist Christopher Willits and a small heap of record reviews I wrote, including Battles‘ EP C/B (Warp), F-Space‘s Prelimary Impact Report (Mobilization), Gisela‘s Weib (Gruenrekorder), Johann Johannsson‘s Dis (The Worker’s Institute), Kettel‘s Through Friendly Waters (Sending Orbs), Magicicada‘s Everyone Is Everyone (Public Guilt), Somatic ResponsesPounded Mass (Hymen) and Jozef Van Wissem‘s Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear (BVHaast), as well as Permanent Flow (Accretions) by Joscha Oetz, Andreas Wagner and Greg Stuart, and three compilations: Der Michel und Der DOM and AudioArt Compilation 02, both on Gruenrekorder, and Malpractice: A Fflint Central Compilation (Birdman). I’ll post all that material on in a few months, once the magazine has had its time on newsstands. In the meanwhile, more info at

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