Big-Eared DJ/Rupture MP3s

DJ/rupture is no reductionist, but he does sum up his one-hour, two-part “gold teeth thief” mix with some pithy accounting: “43 tracks, 68 minutes, mixed live on 3 turntables.” And for some additional numbers, he says of the files, “[T]he mix is encoded at 128 kbps. each part contains around 30 minutes of music.” Though it opens with Missy Elliot‘s “Get Ur Freak On,” part A of the set (MP3) is no ordinary mixtape, not when it veers into a bashed up reggae triptych, courtesy of the Greensleeves label. And part B (MP3) finds room for rap group Wu-Tang Clan and glitch progenitor Oval, not to mention Paul Simon off Graceland (who says Simon’s recent collaboration Brian Eno was a fluke?), which fits nicely between the digitized Middle Eastern inflections of Muslimgauze and a live track by by Miriam Makeba. Who else would segue from Kid 606 to Luciano Berio? Other highlights include a fully ruptured edit of “U Can’t Touch This.” Full track list at

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