Classical Seance MP3s

In late December 2005, as the holiday season was getting under way, the Other Minds organization in San Francisco hosted a New Music Seance. The concert summoned up the spirits of long gone composers by pairing their works with more contemporary material. Sarah Cahill, the respected pianist, opened with Dane Rudhyar‘s cluster-chorded “Third Pentagram” (1926, MP3), before moving into the hazy romanticism of a 1962 work by Leo Ornstein (MP3). Later, in the second half, a work by Janice Giteck (2002, MP3) led into the show’s eldest piece, “Gnonssienne no. 5” by Erik Satie (MP3), dating from 1889, with which it shares a certain melodic minimalism. Access the whole batch, ectoplasm-free, at (

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