Work-in-Progress MP3s

Early last November, Richard Kamerman brought his Trace Being blog to a close, commenting on his frustration. It was an unfortunate decision not only for listeners to home-brew, workshop electronic creations, but especially those interested in explanatory annotation. In the posts he’d done throughout 2006, Kamerman showed a gift for clarifying the methods to his music, sometimes technically precise, as when laying out the materials involved, sometimes procedurally insightful, as when pondering his own compositional development. Interestingly, his blog was hosted by the netlabel, where it was listed as a release, right between sets by Asher and Joe Panzer.

Kamerman was also reflexively self-deprecating, as when he wrote, “Although this track isn?t the most musically inspired, the textures I got from the technique seem particularly cool as a sound source for live processing.” For his final post, he uploaded a “Duet for Cymbals and Hacked Electronics,” about four and a half minutes of ear-ringing bell tones and some sparkles akin to a circular saw in action (MP3).

He explained that this final entry on his musical diary was also something of a first, in that the track in question isn’t a live take but something edited together in post-production: “I created the best short statement I could from what I had at hand.” Here’s looking forward to his next venture.

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