Songs About Buildings MP3s

Based out of Columbus, Ohio, the Abandon Building label has posted over a dozen tracks from its half dozen albums thus far. Highlights include Back Ted N Ted‘s “Opening Credits” (MP3), in which a mix of acoustic and digital drums provide a rough blueprint for tentative melodic play, and Crillix‘s “False Starts,” which follows a similar blueprint but at a quarter the volume and half the speed (MP3). Also recommended are Color Cassette‘s ventures into dreamy pop electro-acoustics, as in electro beats and acoustic guitars, “Here We Go Again” (MP3) and “Passing Time” (MP3). Several of those tracks employ vocals more for texture than verbal content.

The Abandon Building catalog is more varied than those tunes suggest. It also includes DoF’s plaintive new-folk, Michael Johnson’s remarkably Eno-id pop, the jokey hip-hop of Nimble and Set in Sand, and Sheveks Masada’s often club-ready electronica. More info at

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