End-of-Noise MP3s

Hmm, this sounds unfortunate. The latest release by the trenchant netlabel Noise Jihad (noisejihad.dk/netlabel) includes the following, less than promising statement: “These are the surviving recordings from the Noisejihad Festival, which marked some sort of end or break for Noisejihad.” Let’s hope it’s just a respite. In addition to a video of MaaletHelligerMidlet666 playing live for the first time in a decade, there are four lengthy performances, ranging from a quarter hour to a full hour. Eske Norholm turns in unfettered industrial maneuvers (MP3) and Dennis H. some orchestral synths that dissolve into full-frontal static (MP3). Interzone follows Dennis H.’s path from whisper to scream literally, using vocal samples as its primary source throughout (MP3). The highlight is the hour-long set by Christian S (featuring Tone), who turns in one of the quietest recordings Noise Jihad has ever posted (MP3). Sometimes, it turns out, ending with a whimper rather than a bang is a good thing.

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