Juicy Japanese MP3s

Tokyo, Japan-based musician Moxuse (born Koichiro Mori) is the author of three lightly skittering explorations of tone and rhythm that comprise the latest release from the netlabel mirakelmusik.se. Uploaded late last year, Moxuse’s set, Ito-kumo, balances the stark distinctions between foreground and background, ranging from the video-game (pachinko?) quirks of the more garrulous “Moe9” (MP3) to the tonal halos of “Eda,” which is enlivened by gentle burbles (MP3). Coming somewhere in between, perhaps closer to “Eda” than to “Moe9,” “Moe6” opens with an earful of swell that subsumes a glitchy salvo, but soon settles into a surprisingly loungey groove (MP3). More info at his homepage, moxuse.org, where he hosts a Japanese forum for the software SuperCollider, and at his youtube.com page, which includes several videos of this “automatic painting” device he created, complete with rambunctious audio accompaniment that matches the Pollock-droid creations. There’s also footage of an experimental MIDI-controlled mixer. That’s mixer as in juices, not turntables. For real.

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