Mid-Summer Silence

A website about quiet music is probably the last place where one might feel the need to explain the virtues of silence. However, two months have passed since I posted at Disquiet.com, and it’s time for a little explanation. I’m excited to report that in a few weeks, tops, Disquiet will be fully ported over to a content-management system that will improve the site in many ways. Searches will be vastly upgraded. All posts will now have their own, individual pages (as opposed to how the site currently operates, where a single Downstream or Field Notes entry appears among dozens of other posts on a single page). The addition of “topics” will allow for associative links to posts by subject, like “sound art,” “gadgets,” “noise,” “classical,” “scores,” “i-hop,” etc. Thanks for your patience during the transition. I’ll post occasionally between now and the launch of the re-engineered site.

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