Relaunch Beta

If this website suddenly looks a little different, here’s why: As of this morning, has been ported to a new backend publishing system, WordPress (, thanks in no small part to the labor of Nathan Swartz, an independent web developer who makes his home at I can’t thank him enough for his effort, input and patience, and I recommend him highly.

For the next few weeks, this site will be in a kind of “beta” state, which is to say it’s a structural work in progress. Approximately 95% of the website’s content has been ported over from the previous version, but many of the interviews and essays/reports still need to be uploaded, as do some brief news items dating prior to 2005. There will no doubt be some interface issues, and broken links, but they’ll all be sorted out in the very near future. In the meanwhile, please make use of the revised site’s functionality. Each post now has an individual page, topics allow for associative linking, searches function better than ever, and interior pages list the most recent and most read items. Those are just a few of the improvements for which I have WordPress and ClickNathan to thank.

One more site-maintenance note: I changed web-hosting services as of late last night, so for the next 24 to 36 hours, there may be issues with web access and email delivery.

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