Conveyor Belt Pop Machine

Name: The Pâte à Son ”¢ Rating: Hella Cool ”¢ Format: Online Software ”¢ Play

The Pâte à Son was devised in 2004 as “a sound toy and compositional tool conceived to encourage musical experimentation.” Built in Shockwave, it appears as a chessboard of variously configured pipes, below which a production line continuously pumps out new types of pipes. Each pipe can be popped on the board and rotated. Some allow items to pass straight through, others redirect the items, others still introduce means to bounce those items in various ways, and every pipe produces sound in a new way. Switches, levers and permutations allow for alterations of tone, tune and tempo. It was conceived and produced by Frédéric Durieu’s LeCielEstBleu ( in association with the Cité de la Musique (more info at A new version of Pâte à Son, titled FluxTunes, is reportedy in the works.

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