Cascone Field Mix MP3s

The sequence of events goes something like this:

  1. dripping water
  2. heavy rain swallowing distant church bells
  3. machinery in motion mixed with spoken instructions
  4. objects moving in water
  5. digitally clipped vocals
  6. a voice transformed into something mechanical and menacing
Those are the apparent half dozen real-world elements that serve as the foundation for the six tracks that comprise Kim Cascone‘s The Astrum Argentum. In each, Cascone takes a field (or in the likely case of the vocals, studio) recording and mixes the sounds with an ear less to transformation and more to investigation. The results vary from the low-level, non-intrusive whorl that supplements those water drops in the opening “Blue Fluorescent” (MP3), to the layered verbal cut-ups of “Spectral Space II” (MP3), to — the real keeper here — the way that near and far sounds collude between the rain and carillon on “Grayscape” (MP3).

More info and the complete set of downloads at the releasing netlabel, (Thanks to Larry Johnson for the recommendation.)

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