Tortoise’s Post-Rock I-Hop MP3

The song “Tryplmeade Gorsmatch” comes close to the end of the self-titled album by Bumps, released a few months back earlier on Stones Throw. That’s a record label properly known best for hip-hop, especially of the producer-heavy, soul-inflected, headphone-pleasing vibe that usually gets filed under the phrase “old school.”

Well, the scholars who comprise Bumps are none other than three members of Tortoise. That’s a band that usually gets filed under the phrase “post-rock.”

In the process of getting “old” and “post” simultaneously, the trio of John McEntire, Dan Bitney and John Herndon compiled a 23-item set of remix-ready beats, textures and other sorts of backing elements, all of which serve as satisfying listening on their own. “Tryplmeade Gorsmatch” opens with tinkly flourescence before diving headlong into a slow-moving, bass-rattling mumble of a rhythm track (MP3). More info at

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