Open/Other Music/Minds

A handy guide to a confusing quartet of musical organizations, color-coded for clarity’s sake:

Other Music: Downtown Manhattan (and online/download) record store. Kind of like San Francisco’s Aquarius, just on a different ocean (

Other Minds: San Francisco-based new-music promoter and organization, run by Charles Amirkhanian ( … Also a philosophical conundrum (see

Open Mind: Fine used (and new) record store in San Francisco, relocated in 2007 to Market Street from Divisidero Street (at … Also a Swedish vinyl resource with an emphasis on psychedelic music (

Open Music: Many things, including (1) a foundation focused on “how new forms of visual expression on the page can lead to previously-unknown forms of musical expression” (; (2) a programming language and music interface (; (3) an open-source (i.e., community-built) music directory (; (4) a Creative Commons application of communal software conventions to music publishing (; (5) an archive of “out-of-copyright sound recordings” (; (6) an ensemble with a rotating membership, led by flute player Bob Downes.

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