Quote of the Week: Destroy Athens

The following is the description-cum-manifesto of the “Destructive Sound Events” curated by ILIOS as part of the first Athens Biennial:

A sound monster will occupy certain Athenian territories and will transmit a destructive sound wave. Here we don’t talk about bringing THE truth to you, we are not the good ones and the rest are the bad ones, no pioneers, no avant-guard, no entertainment, no substitution for the fake, there is just action, physical action, action that one can hear, see and even feel it as vibration.
The event will be held on October 13 and 14 in Athens, Greece. Participants in the “Destructive Sound Events” will include: Costes, Antimatter/Z. Karkowski, Scott Arford, V/VM, Dave Philips, Michael Gendreau, and FamilyBattlenake (the latter in a DJ set). “Destroy Athens 2007” is the theme of the biennial. The performances are a parallel presentation to the biennial and are hosted by remapkm.com. More info at athensbiennial.org.

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