Final Microbio Netlabel MP3

All minuscule little noises that blip along like a dusty windup toy on its last legs, the opening track on Yopoman‘s Autonomatismos Parcelarios (MP3) was one of the last things to be heard from an excellent netlabel before it went silent in late 2006. That label was microbio (, and while it’s survived by several domain-sharing services, including the equally estimable biodata netlabel (, it’s still missed. That MP3 appeared on the freely downloadable album along with two others, a nearly half hour live cut that gurgles like a half-organic machine until it tragically runs out of steam (MP3) and a glitchy whorl of dubby echo (MP3). Any word on what Yopoman (born Emiliano Hernandez-Santana) has been up to subsequently would be appreciated.

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