Site Upgrade Update

This site was upgraded expertly by Nathan Swartz of from my decade-old handcoded HTML to a proper WordPress install on July 26, 2007. Left lingering for me to take care of was a relatively small proportion of back articles, mostly from the “interviews” and “reports/essays” sections.

I just today uploaded four more of the backdated interviews: Raz Mesinai‘s work beyond dub, Kenneth Kirschner‘s algorithmic layers, Thomas Dimuzio‘s crashing by design, and Christopher Bissonnette‘s willfully peripheral ambience.

In the “reports/essays” section header, I added a list of the past entries yet to be uploaded.

The “elsewhere” links section of the site is no longer in beta; all the old links have been added, and it’s being updated regularly (with ease, thanks to the implementation of support).

And the site’s RSS feed, which is supported by, now displays the appropriate header link for each entry (they used to appear as “,” but now appear as “”).

Just housecleaning.

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