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Though the musical agenda of this website, Disquiet.com, is in no way limited by geography, the fact of the matter is that I live in San Francisco, California. And since that’s where my body generally is, it’s often where my head is — and where much of my listening is.

When I travel, I try to take notes, whether in Chicago, Tokyo, Los Angeles or New York City. But most of my time is spent in San Francisco, a city particularly rich in ambient/electronic and general sound-art happenings. For a year or so now I’ve maintained a public calendar available via the excellent Google Calendar service. The calendar served initially just as a way for me to keep track of upcoming events I might wanna check out, but friends expressed interest, so I made it public; thanks to Google’s excellent user interface, this required, all told, approximately one minute of effort on my part.

 If such a calendar sounds of interest and you use any iCal-supporting calendar service, subscribe here.

 If you just want the RSS/XML feed for your feedreader, subscribe here.

 If none of that Internet gibberish above means anything to you, or you just wanna view the calendar as a web page, click here.

This is the calendar’s description in Google:

SF ambient/electronic events

San Francisco Bay Area events in the vaguely defined realm of ambient/electronic music/performance and sound art, compiled as a side project of Disquiet.com. At least initially, the calendar is both broad (i.e., also includes some underground hip-hop, which is of course studio-constructed, and contemporary classical, which is often minimalist and/or electronically enabled) and focused (i.e., only includes events I specifically plan on potentially attending).

The one thing that Google Calendar doesn’t seem to easily allow for is listing ongoing events, such as gallery and museum exhibits — if anyone out there has a suggestion about how to manage such a thing, please let me know. Thanks.

By the way, there are far better and more thorough calendars for such musical goings-on in the greater San Francisco Bay area, most notably at bayimproviser.com.

And here on the Disquiet.com website’s Elsewhere links page there is a small but growing catalog of events-listing services for various cities — web services that emphasize the sort of music covered here.

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