Quote of the Week: Ruptured Model

Earlier this week a network of fileshares, called Oink, was shut down by law enforcement officials. DJ/rupture (born Jace Clayton) posted a lengthy take on the event on his website, negrophonic.com, in which he tried find some common ground between his status as a music maker and his self-identity as a music consumer:

My library metaphor for Oink makes more sense than economic analogies: for digital music & data, there’s lots of demand but no scarcity at all, which either requires that we rebuild an economic model not based on supply & demand, or start embracing commons analogies. I like living from my music but I also like libraries, the ideas behind libraries”¦

Rupture/Clayton’s take is interesting, though it’s worth at least keeping in mind that his own music is itself often built from samples of other people’s music.

This Oink service was based on BitTorrent, which meant the files were shared not on a central server but on users’ own machines. For further coverage, see Monty Phan’s piece at wired.com.

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