Massive Japanese Turntablism Primer MP3

Want a crash course in Japanese turntablism? Set your dial to, which is hosting an excellent hour-and-a-half-long mix of material performed by a variety of Japan-based turntable musicians. The file is whittled down from a six-hour mini-fest hosted in the Kami-Kitazawa, Tokyo, studio of Human Rhythm Group ( The work here is minimalist, with generally more emphasis on mood and texture than on, say, groove and technique, the latter of which would likely rule in an American collection. There’s some nice traditional-instrument sampling, like flutes and string instruments over loops and scratches (MP3), that brings to mind the work of Japan’s best known hip-hop figure, DJ Krush. Here’s the set list:

Dj Baku - Turntable Radio intro
Exsample - Intro freestyle
Dj Ken-One - In-To-Yo (taken from Kan’s debut album)
Exsample & Human Rhythm - String freestyle
Exsample & Human Rhythm - Drums and cuts freestyle
Exsample, Human Rhythm and Miyajima - Freestyle
Human Rhythm - Intro
Human Rhythm - Track 1
Human Rhythm - Track 2
Human Rhythm - Track 3
Miyajima & Tsuyoshi - Freestyle
Exsample - Track 1
Exsample - Jam session
Exsample & Human Rhythm - Jam session
Tsuyoshi & Naoki - Electro freestyle
Exsample, Human Rhythm & Miyajima - Final freestyle pt 1
Exsample, Human Rhythm & Miyajima - Final freestyle pt 2
Dj Ken-One - Solo freestyle

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