Janek Schaefer Performance-Lecture MP3

“Confused but enjoyed it.” That’s how sound artist and musician Janek Schaefer characterizes the comments often left in the guest book at galleries where he shows/performs his work.

Sound Space was the name given a sound-art symposium that occurred earlier this year in England, and the webpage of the event (sound-space.info) contains audio documentation of much of the goings-on. One highlight among that audio is a recording of a presentation by Schaefer, who talks at length and gives specific audio examples of his work (MP3), which often involves field recordings and turntables.

Schaefer isn’t just an ingenious musician and a deeply curious and playful music-maker. He’s also very funny. At one point he talks about how he purchased a digital audio recorder, only to discover that it was packed full of recordings of everyone who had previously tested the device. He then plays back the audio. He also talks about how he often depends on the programming generosity of others, in particular David Tinapple, when developing a piece.

More on Schaefer at his website, audioh.com.

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