Unsilent Night 2007 Itinerary

Each year as Christmas approaches, strangers gather after dark in an ever-growing number of cities, lift high their old boomboxes and MP3 players, battery-powered radios and other sound sources, and participate in composer Phil Kline‘s Unsilent Night. There are four different audio-track components to the work (available for download at unsilentnight.com), all seasonally appropriate slices of ambient haze with echoes of carillon bells and lush pop. And when played on a variety of equipment, those individual tracks join together like voices in a heavenly robot choir.

The festivities are already underway, having started on the first of the month in Manassas, Virginia — and so, before another such opportunity passes, I wanted to publish, below, the Unsilent Night itinerary for 2007. I’m disappointed that I won’t be home in San Francisco on December 22 — I’ll be in Tokyo, where, I’m a little surprised to discover, there is no scheduled Unsilent Night. It seems like a communal event in which anonymous people use machines as vocal prosthetics to enact a secular rendition of a spiritual ritual would be, well, just perfect in Akihabara. Perhaps next year…

  • December 01: Manassas, Virginia
  • December 06: Santa Barbara, California
  • December 08: Charleston, South Carolina
  • December 08: Hattiesburg, Mississippi
  • December 08: Houston, Texas
  • December 09: Middlesbrough, UK
  • December 13: New Haven, Connecticut
  • December 14: Boulder, Colorado
  • December 14: Detroit, Michigan
  • December 15: Asheville, North Carolina
  • December 15: New York City, New York
  • December 15: San Diego, California
  • December 15: Seattle, Washington
  • December 15: Sydney, New South Wales (Australia)
  • December 16: Los Angeles, California
  • December 17: Hamburg, Germany
  • December 17: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • December 20: Melbourne, Victoria (Australia)
  • December 21: Baltimore, Maryland
  • December 21: Fredericton, New Brunswick
  • December 21: Santa Rosa, California
  • December 22: San Francisco, California
  • December 23: Vancouver, British Columbia
The Unsilent Night website also houses a gallery of images, including the one above, and video footage of past events.

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