site update / Archival Interviews: Autechre, Spring Heel Jack, Photek, Tilliander, Dub Assassin

Re-uploaded six additional archival interviews I’ve done, dating back to 1995. Here they are in something approximating alphabetical order:

  • Autechre‘s Sean Booth (circa Chiastic Slide and Cichlisuite) on architecture and technology, 1997 (“More Songs About Buildings”)
  • Dub Assassin on learning from Bob Marley’s own deck-hands, 1999 (“Straight Outta Chapel Hill”)
  • Photek on DJing and remixing, 1998 (“Smile for the Camera”)
  • Spring Heel Jack‘s John Coxon and Ashley Wales (circa 68 Million Shades……) on their roots in dub and jazz, 1997 (“Low Sparks”)
  • Skylab‘s Matt Ducasse (circa #1) on working with his international bandmates (Howie B, Toshio Nakanishi, and Kudo) and learning to appreciate exotica, 1995 (“Ground Control”)
  • Andreas Tilliander on the Clicks & Cuts series and electronica’s hip-hop soul, 2002 (“Click It”)

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