Ace Multi-Turntablist MP3

The turntable crew called the X-ecutioners were the Mills Brothers of hip-hop and the Harlem Globetrotters of hip-hop, all wrapped up in one multi-LP ensemble of intensely calisthenic musicality. Key among them was member Rob Swift, who has surfaced with a new group effort, a trio named Ill Insanity, which teams him with two other one-time X-men, DJs Total Eclipse and Precision.

A full track off their new album, Ground Xero (Ablist), “5 Fingers of Death” adds guest DJ Q-Bert for a disarmingly understated effort of live beatmaking, with select vocal fragments that mesh with the rhythms and texture of the constantly moving vinyl (MP3). It’s available courtesy of the great retailer, which has the album for sale in CD, LP and DRM-free MP3 format. More info at

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