Quote of the Week: Assayas & Eno

New York Times movie critic Manohla Dargis on Boarding Gate, the new film from director Olivier Assayas (Demonlover, Clean, Paris Je T’aime):

I was again struck by how he uses music to amplify reality, almost as if he were inviting you to listen to the songs playing in other people’s heads. His use of Brian Eno here is particularly potent. Mr. Eno creates music that drifts around you, enveloping you in moods and waves of feeling, which is precisely what Mr. Assayas does as a filmmaker. Mr. Eno has said that for him making popular music is about “creating new, imaginary worlds and inviting people to join them,”a sentiment that Mr. Assayas no doubt understands.
Read the full review at nytimes.com.

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