21-Year-Old Henri Chopin 7″ MP3

Courtesy of musician Steve Roden‘s blog, inbetweennoise.blogspot.com, a five-minute recording of Henri Chopin, the pioneering poet who passed away earlier this year. Roden has ripped to MP3 format the 7″ that accompanied the 1987 Chopin catalog published by Galerie J&J Donguy.

Roden describes the track: “made with mouth and tape, [it] resembles very much a typewriter’s frenetic/rhythmic activity. it’s a beautiful rhythmic stuttering presence that mimics the visual works.” Roden also notes that “if you listen quietly it sounds a bit like trickling water” — and, for that matter, like a pneumatic drill on concrete (MP3). Meet the late Henri Chopin, avant-garde poet and France’s premiere human beatboxer.

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