Turntablism MP3 Megamix

The latest podcast from tablist.net — that’s “tablist” as in “turntablism” — collects about 20 tracks by the unsung home-studio strivers who are regulars on the tablist.net website, alongside some accomplished beatmaker players. The contents range from rhythm-heavy studio production to rap-ready instrumental hip-hop to goofy scratch-happy hijinks, leavened with the inevitable jokey soundbites.

As the tracks are mixed together seamlessly by Honna, it’s fairly easy to get lost in the sequence (a complete set list, with artist links, is provided), but so be it. In our current moment of precise, digitized synchronization, getting lost is a rare pleasure.

Tracks by Jurassic 5 vet Cut Chemist and X-ecutioners alum Rob Swift are mixed in with material by the ensemble Flowlife Bumz and the self-styled retro-futurist Airnino, just to name a few. The following link — MP3 — should lead to the hour-long file, but if not, just follow the tablist.net post through to the download page.

“I mean, records aren’t made the take that kind of a beating,” goes one of the many coy found-sound-bites dropped into Honna’s mix. Maybe not, but MP3s sure are.

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