Pixelated Guitar MP3 by Fubsan

Another excellent single from the Yoyo Pang! netlabel, ambulatore.com/yoyo, which specializes in one-MP3 releases. Think of them as free, virtual 7″s. The latest is “I Wish I Had a Watermelon” by Fubsan. Like the pevious YYP release, “Etxeko Improa”by Joseba Irazoki (see the April 2 disquiet.com entry), Fubsan’s is built around a guitar line. But where Irazoki’s piece was all droney and low-slung, Fubsan’s is pixelated and sparkling, locating that perfect spot where digital mediation merely amplifies the effect of strings in sympathetic vibration. To that is added a smattering of clicky, glitchy percussion and a background of whispery noises. More on Fubsan at myspace.com/fubsan and treehouse.catchtheleaves.org.

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