Ancient Monolake MP3 (& Ableton Set)

Once upon a time, Monolake was a duo, consisting of Robert Henke and Gerhardt Beheles. Beheles exited the duo, which specialized in dank minimal techno, to start the company that created the now popular audio-production and -performance software Live. The company is called Ableton. Henke continued on as Monolake, and he also participates in the engineering at Ableton of each new generation of Live. Live is up to version 7 (7.07, to be more precise). For his latest free MP3 download at, Henke reached deep into the software’s past to share a track titled “Ocean of Noise,” which he created back in 2003 — ancient history, by software-development standards — to serve as an example of the then new Live concept called “clip envelopes.” He writes:

This tracks is from September 2003. It was a demo for a new feature of Ableton Live 3, the so called clip envelopes. The track uses nothing but one single short sample of white noise. All sounds and all structural elements are generated by feeding that sample into the effects of Live 3, and modulating these effects with clip envelopes.
The track is far more to the ear than white noise — there is a heavy beat, the gurgling of what could only be thought of as water, and synthy drones with more apparent melodic intent than white noise is associated with.

Per Henke’s request, no direct link is provided here to the MP3. Please visit to access it. The track is listed as the May entry in Henke’s ongoing free-MP3 series, so it may only be up through tomorrow. In addition to the MP3, Henke has provided the Ableton Live set that produced the sounds. A demo or commercial version of any edition of Live from 3 on up should be able to play it. (It is available in both Mac and Windows.) More on the software at

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