Freebie Beat MP3s from Crate Kings Forums

The forums at continue to be a great place to dig for excellent electronic music in the form of beat-heavy, sample-based solo work. Recent faves include Grimeshine‘s “Hangover,” with its old-soul strings, punchy funk touches, vocals reduced to moany vowels, and a hot little minimalist piano riff (MP3,, More on the Seattle, Washington-based producer at

Also worth a listen, Dyllemma‘s “New York Shit,” in which the vinyl surface noise lends some serious grit to a florid piano line and a soul-vocal snippet that’s truncated just in time to match the cut’s title (MP3,, — and, also by Dyllemma, the extended (three and a half minutes, which by Crate Kings standards is equivalent to a concept album) “Melon Chollie Strings,” which lays some scratchy violin-bowing over a mid-tempo groove and one majorly psychedelic break (MP3,,

If the above direct MP3 links don’t function, just go to the service. The links go to where the artist first posted the work for public critique.

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