Live Monolake-Deadbeat Duo MP3

It’s quite likely that Monolake, aka Robert Henke, couldn’t set expectations lower for the latest “Free Download of the Month” at his website, (the track should be up through September). The recording, which features him and Deadbeat, was made live at a Spanish festival this year, and these are among the concerns that Henke details in his recent post:

He and Deadbeat, aka Scott Monteith, were due to perform solo, but the promoter billed them as a duo, so they felt a responsibility to do what the audience had been led to expect.

Despite a preference for performing in the center of the audience, they had no option but to perform on stage

The resulting recording is in mono. Writes Henke, “Nice deep reverbs and dubby echoes … — gone.”

Nonetheless, the two professionals persevered, performing in a tandem Ableton Live setup. And even if it is somewhat diminished to hear all that inherently reverberant music in mono — it’s like looking into the eye of a storm, instead of being surrounded by one –  the result is exactly the sort of percussive minimal techno you’d expect from these seasoned performers. It’s also almost a full hour long.

Henke posts these free tracks with certain rules, including an admonition against linking directly to the MP3 file, so just proceed to

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