Quote of the Week: Eno, Safe at Any Speed

From Geeta Dayal‘s introduction (in draft form) to her forthcoming book on the album Another Green World by Brian Eno:

One of the most instructive things I did was to listen to Another Green World at a number of different speeds and volume levels, most selected arbitrarily. Each time I heard something new that I had not heard before — a new sound that was buried in the mix, for example, or an effect, a heavily layered backing vocal, an abstruse lyric. Speeding up and slowing down Discreet Music taught me a lot, too; the first track of Discreet Music, or “Side A” if you happen to own the vinyl copy, is recorded at half-speed. So I listened to it at double-speed, to gain some insight into what the original material might have sounded like before Eno slowed it down. I also listened to it at quarter-speed, which I liked even more than Eno’s half-speed version.
Full text at 33third.blogspot.com. Dayal is a freelance writer, currently doing research at the MIT Center for Future Civic Media.

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