LCD Waterfall MP3s

For the second time this week, a long dependable but also relatively quiet netlabel has released something of note. A few days ago, it was Yoyo Pang!, which celebrated its one-year anniversary with yet another in its series of single-song issuances, a presentation of lightly digitized guitar by Ann Deveria ( Just yesterday it was Panospria, an acomplished netlabel that put out its first sets of freely downloadable music back in February 2004, but which this year has thus far posted only three (the second most recent of which, Psychwolf by Primes, was the subject of a entry back in July). The most recent is Marijn Comes‘s LCD Waterfall. One highlight is a track titled after the soundtrack composer Jack Nitzsche (MP3), where pizzicato strings blur into a rough cluster of white noise that bring to mind the anarchic guitar symphonies of Glenn Branca.

Rough sounds filtered into an uneasy yet still beautiful quietude are a common refrain on LCD Waterfall, but the album is anything but samey. On the title track, a thick column of droning turmoil makes significant modulations over the course of its eight minutes, taking on the feel of a Olivier Messiaen organ solo (MP3). And where “LCD Waterfall” moans, a track titled “The Rainbow Eater” (MP3) glistens with chiming rounds of notes, like some 21st-century carillon heard amid luxurious held tones against a pinprick beat (MP3). Get the full set (five tracks total) at (which is home to Panospria and several other netlabls) or (the massive digital-asset repository that is the cloud-base of countless netlabels). More on Comes, who is based in the Hague, Netherlands, at

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