Ann Deveria’s Guitronic Yoyo Pang! MP3 Single

Great news. Not only is there a new release on the very occasional Yoyo Pang! netlabel, but it’s a delightful layering of acoustic guitar, understated percussion, and light digital effects that only make themselves fully apparent as the nearly seven-minute track draws to a close. Yes, that’s “track,” as in singular. Yoyo Pang! releases excellent music in small doses, one song per release, and often months go by between them. The latest, “Patio de Luz” (MP3) by Madrid, Spain-based Ann Deveria, is just the label’s sixth. Yoyo Pang!’s website doesn’t list release dates, but judging by the timestamps associated with the entries for its RSS feed, during the year since Yoyo Pang! was launched (a Luis Solís piece was the label’s debut, on October 7, 2006), as many as five months have passed between YYP singles. To its credit, precision has served its followers well, because every one of those six releases comes highly recommended. Additional good news, the song is available as an MP3 (release number five from YYP was only available in the less commonly supported OGG format). More on Deveria at her MySpace page,

And to note the netlabel’s one-year anniversary, here are links to entries on this site regarding three previous Yoyo Pang! singles: Bacanal Intruder (, Joseba Irazoki (, and Fubsan (

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