Thin Blue Rumble Pack MP3

Much like their video-game peers, police officers are adding a rumble pack to their experience of dealing with grand theft auto — and any other incident requiring use of a siren. As Wired reports in the December 2008, issue (titled “Sirens, Now With Megabass” in print and “Seismic Siren Shakes Up Distracted Drivers” online,, the Rumbler is the name of a system that adds significant, chest-thumping bass to the standard cop-car sonic alarm.

When Wired‘s news service covered the technology almost exactly year ago (“Feel the Noise,” — and I mentioned it here, at, in reference to an entry), it included a sound clip (MP3), borrowed from coverage. In retrospect, the siren is a much less threatening thing when heard like this, removed from the street and from the pursuit, where it’s very much like one very loud machine in an otherwise empty video arcade.

More info on the Rumbler at

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