Wavespan’s Field Recording-Inspired MP3s

For Tilling the Soul, Santa Cruz, California-based musician Phil Garrison, who records as Wavespan, made music from the sounds around him, much of them recorded in the Santa Cruz area, like the household items whose deeply echoed resonances form the horror chamber of “Dark Corridor” (MP3) and the creaky noises and hovering wave forms that are sourced from a bridge on “The Bridge (Part 2)” (MP3).

Not that the end results are directly correlative to the source material. Wavespan, true to his name, takes sounds and lays them out wide, splaying them so you can investigate them up close, all sinew and texture. Much of Tilling the Soul is built from piano, though you’d never know it, notably the rousing drones of “Piano in Slow Motion 4” (MP3), which is constructed from Caleb Deupree‘s Cathedral. The album also contains three remixes by Mystified; it’s a nice touch that provides easy access to alternate views of Wavespan’s recordings.

Get the full set at darkwinter.com. More info on Wavespan at myspace.com/wavespan.

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