Live Amon Tobin Concert MP3

The story goes as follows. Amon Tobin wanted to release a document of his tour for the Foley Room album, his 2007 full-length collection of dark music built from sound effects and other audio detritus he’d recorded in various studios. Negotiations about the nature of the live-concert release broke down, and in lieu of a commercial recording, he made the whole set available to fans as a gratis download. As he puts it in the announcement at, “That’s right, we could have sold you half of it, but instead we are giving you all of it, for free!”

The performance, nearly an hour and a half long, mixes in Foley Room tracks with everything from glitch-abstraction heroes Autechre to r&b radio fave Kelis (she of the fetching “Milkshake”). Also prominent are recordings credited to Two Fingers, Tobin’s new production duo, which teams him with Joe “Doubleclick” Chapman.

This is no mere dance mix, or greatest-hits DJ performance — it’s an audio journey that took an apparently grateful audience from hard beats to rich tumult to stereoscopic percussion, and beyond. True to Tobin’s stated desire to give his listeners the best possible experience, the MP3 is encoded at a generous 320kbps. It comes in a Zip archive, along with cover art and an informative PDF, listing all 31 songs used in Tobin’s set. Get the full release at

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