Loopy C’s Disquiet 2008 Megamix MP3

Now, this is a treat. A musician who goes by Loopy C has taken much of the music posted in the Disquiet.com Downstream series in 2008 — almost 250 tracks, by his count — and forged from them one long megamix. The mix is on his website at loopyc.com; it streams from that page, or just hit the “down arrow” in the audio-playback interface in order to download the full track to your computer as an MP3.

He described his mixing process via email: “The remix basically used an iTune playlist that I was ‘clipping’ live via iTunes key commands and scripts (more or less in the order shown). No tune was used for much more than a minute, so I think I made it through all 246 tracks. The tracks were processed via a live rig of assorted processes, recorded into Audio Hijack Pro.” Loopy C also provided that complete iTunes playlist, so you can follow along as a remorseless Julie Andrews slice’n’dice gives way to Wobbly‘s take on a century’s worth of bird-inspired music, as one of Quiet American‘s field recordings morphs into one of Tom Moody‘s synthesis experiments, and as a Carter Burwell Coen-brothers film-score excerpt opens into some raw turntablism (PDF).

More info at his website, loopyc.com.

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